Introduction to the Projects

A Treasure Trove for You — The Digital Archives

Do you know how many treasures of Chinese art are housed at the National Palace Museum?

The Digital Archives projects employ the latest in digital technology to bring images, data, and descriptions to you of treasure after treasure, collecting them all together into a single computer system. With the click of your mouse, every collection in the National Palace Museum, be it Painting and Calligraphy, Antiquities, or Books and Documents, can be displayed crystal clear before your eyes.

Not only this, integration with modern information technology means we can go a step further and provide you with applications of these digital achievements. For example, 3D technology can give a whole new look at the artworks, while a documentary can tell a whole new story using modern vocabulary for contemporary audiences. As long as you have the interest, your small computer can become a great treasure trove for your enjoyment with all sorts of masterpieces of Chinese art at your fingertips to enrich your digital life!