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Calendar of Exhibits

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Location Dates Title
Exhibition Area I 2015/07/01~2015/09/29 Exemplar of Heritage: Fan Kuan and His Influence in Chinese Painting
Exhibition Area I 2015/06/12~2015/09/01 The Splendor of Ethnic Costumes and Accessories from Guizhou
Exhibition Area I 2015/05/01~2015/08/31 Painting Animation:Departure Herald and Return Clearing
Exhibition Area II 2015/04/17~2015/08/31 Crown of the Alps: Masterworks from the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein
Exhibition Area I 2015/04/01~2015/06/25 Elegant Images of the Brush: Women's Painting in the Late Ming and Early Qing Period
Exhibition Area I 2015/04/01~2015/06/25 Flights of Fragrance at a Fingertip: The World of Birds and Flowers in Painting, Tapestry, and Embroidery
Exhibition Area I 2015/04/01~2015/06/25 The Ancient Art of Writing: Selections from the History of Chinese Calligraphy
Exhibition Area I 2015/04/01~2015/06/25 Oversized Scrolls and Album Leaves
Exhibition Area I 2015/03/31~2017/02/26 Reflections of the Emperor: The Collection and Culture of Mirrors at the Qing Court
Exhibition Area I 2014/12/27~2015/06/28 The Dao of Book Protection: Special Exhibition on the Art of Traditional Chinese Book Binding and Decoration
Exhibition Area I 2014/11/29~ From the Fountainhead Flows in Living Water: Jade from the Song, Liao, Jin, and Yuan Dynasties
Exhibition Area I 2014/11/12~2015/09/09 The Enchanting Splendor of Vases and Planters: A Special Exhibition of Flower Vessels from the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Exhibition Area I 2014/08/01~ A Garland of Treasures: Masterpieces of Precious Crafts in the Museum Collection
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Multimedia gallery of painting and calligraphy
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Art in Quest of Heaven and Truth — Chinese Jades through the Ages
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Rituals Cast in Brilliance–Chinese Bronzes Through the Ages
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit The Magic of Kneaded Clay: A History of Chinese Ceramics
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Nature and Human in Unison–the Smart Carvings of Jade and Beautiful Stones
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit The Bell and Cauldron Inscriptions–A Feast of Chinese Characters: the Origin and Development
Location Permanent Exhibit Chang Dai-chi'en Residence
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Orientation Gallery
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit NPM Outdoor Public Art--''Interia/Exertion''
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit The Mystery of Bronze
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Compassion and Wisdom: Religious Sculptural Arts
Exhibition Area I Permanent Exhibit Splendors of Ch'ing Furniture
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