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Present/Former Leaders

Present Director and Deputy Directors

Present Director – Fung, Ming-Chu 

Present Director – Fung, Ming-Chu
Educational Background
M.A., Graduate School of History, Taiwan University (1978)
B.A., Department of History, Taiwan University (1974)

Incumbent Political Deputy Director – Chou,Chu Kun Incumbent Political Deputy Director – Chou, Chu-Kun
Educational Background
Bachelor, Civil Engineering, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology
Successful completion of the Industrial Civil Engineering License Exam (1973)
Incumbent Civil Deputy Director – Ho, Chuan-hsing Incumbent Civil Deputy Director – Ho, Chuan-hsing
Educational Background
M.A., Department of History (Art History Team), NTU (1982) 


Previous Directors (prior to 1949) 

Palace Museum

Li, Yü-ying

I, P'ei-chi Ma, Heng
Li, Yü-ying (1881-1973)
First appointed Director-General
I, P'ei-chi (1880-1937)
October 1925 to October 1933
Ma, Heng (1881-1955)
October 1933 to August 1949

National Central Museum Preparatory Office

Fu, Ssu-nien

Li, Chi  
Fu, Ssu-nien (1896-1950)
Director, 1933-1934
Li, Chi (1896-1979)
Director, 1934-1949

Previous Directors (after movement of the collection to Taiwan)

In 1949, the Joint Managerial Office of the National Central Museum and National Central Library was established→In 1955, the Joint Managerial Office of the National Palace Museum and National Central Museum was established.
Hang, Li-wu K'ung, Te-ch'eng Ho, Lien-k'uei
Hang, Li-wu
September 1949 to June 1956
K'ung, Te-ch'eng
July 1956 to April 1964
Ho, Lien-k'uei
May 1964 to August 1965

1965 – National Palace Museum
Chiang, Fu-ts'ung Ch'in, Hsiao-yi Tu, Cheng-sheng
Chiang, Fu-ts'ung
September 1965 to January 1983
Ch'in, Hsiao-yi
January 1983 to May 2000
Tu, Cheng-sheng
May 2000 to May 2004
Shih, Shou-chien  Lin, Mun-lee  Chou Kung-shin
Shih, Shou-chien
(1951- )
May 2004 to January 2006
Lin, Mun-lee
(1954- )
January 2006 to May 2008
Chou, Kung-shin
(1947- )
May 2008 to July 2012


The Museum's Managerial Committee was convened in 1965
Changed in 1991 to the Advisory Committee
Changed in 2014 to the Committee

Wang, Yün-wu

Yen, Chia-kan Hsieh, Tung-min

Wang, Yün-wu
Chairman, 1965-1979

Yen, Chia-kan
Chairman and Convener, 1980-1991

Hsieh, Tung-min
Convener, 1991-1997

Li, Yüan-tsu

Li, Yüan-che  Barry Lam
Li, Yüan-tsu
Chairman, 1998-2000
Li, Yüan-che
Chairman and Convener, 2000-2008
Barry Lam
Member and Convener,



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