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2014/03/25 Reciprocally Touching and Mutually Beneficial:
The Art Exchange Exhibits Between the NPM and Japan And Weekly Replacements for "Jadeite Cabbage"
2013/10/07 The National Palace Museum and Institute for Information Industry Join Forces to Introduce the Qianlong C.H.A.O. New Media Art Exhibition, Sharing the Spotlight with The All Complete Qianlong: A Special Exhibition on the Aesthetic Tastes of the Qing Emperor Gaozong
2013/09/24 Cultural and Creative Merchandise Giveaway by the National Palace Museum
2013/08/29 Special Discount on Taking Your Child to the NPM, Providing Children with an Opportunity to Play with the National Treasures at the Comfort in Their Own Home
2013/08/27 Making Dreams into Reality: Franz Collection Inc. President Franz Chen Talks about Cultural Creativity
2013/08/24 The National Palace Museum: Transmitting Culture is the Mission of the Museum
2013/08/23 Cultural and Creative Merchandise Ready to Hit the Shelf at the National Palace Museum (NPM) Southern Branch
2013/05/09 The National Palace Museum Hosts the First “Transcending Disability, Embracing Beauty” Event in Kaohsiung, Benefitting the Disabled Public
2013/05/09 The National Palace Museum Performs Professional, Complete Artifact Inventory Check Free from Political Influences
2013/05/08 The National Palace Museum Southern Branch Project Goes According to Schedule, Test Opening to Take Place by year-end, 2015. The Legislative Yuan Finance Committee to Inspect the National Palace Museum Southern Branch Construction Project
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