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Past Exhibits

The Mystery of Bronze
The Mystery of Bronze
  • Dates: Permanent Exhibit 2006/05/31~2015/11/18
  • Gallery: Exhibition Area I 300

Exhibit Info

"The Mystery of Bronzes" is an exhibition that attempts to use modern high technology forms of multimedia facilities to portray the development of high technology in the Shang and Chou dynasties, which took the form of smelting metals and casting bronze objects. The virtual displays and fully digitized ways of presentation in this exhibit include a great deal of animation to recreate the complex processes that went into the high technology of ancient China, thereby offering audiences with an informative and entertaining understanding of the wisdom of the ancients.

Exhibition Changes

  • The Gallery 300 will be closed from November 24th to December 13rd for renovation.
"The Mystery of Bronze" exhibition in the Gallery 300 will be closed from November 19th to December 10th for renovation. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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