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Research Quarterly

Content and Abstract


Recent Content and Abstract
Volume31, Number2 (Winter, 2013)
Hsu Kuang-tai On the Origin, Development, and Publication of Tu Benjun's Ming ji in the Wanli Era ( Abstract)
Qin Xiaolei Spring Morning in the Qing Palace: The Spring Morning in the Han Palace as Rendered by the Qianlong Emperor's Court Painters ( Abstract)
Sim Chuin Peng Dianshizhai Lithographic Press and its Production on Examination Aids ( Abstract )
Lai Hui-min,
Wang Shih-ming
Fur Trade and Beijing's Consumption from Middle Qin Dynasty till Earlier Republic of China ( Abstract)
Liu Fang-ju Types, Diagnosis, and Repairing of Damage to Paintings and Calligraphy: A Study Based on the NPM Collection ( Abstract )

Volume31, Number1 (Autumn, 2013)
Liu Wei-chi A Study of Official Style During the Period of Eastern Wei-Northern Qi ( Abstract)
Lee Hee-gwan Emperors Yejong of Goryeo and Huizong of the Northern Song: Ru and Northern Song Official Wares and Goryeo Celadon in the Early Twelfth Century ( Abstract)
Zou Zhenhuan New Construction of Chinese World Map in the Late Qing ─ From Wanguo Dadi Quantu to Dadi Quanqiu Yilanzhitu ( Abstract )
Hsu Yuan-ting Yang Shoujing’s Search for Books in Japan and the Fruit of His Efforts: With Books on the Lesser Learning in the Guanhai Hall Collection as the Object of Study ( Abstract)
Chen Fang-mei The Imperial Plaque “Model Teacher for All Ages” at the Temple of Confucius in Tainan: With a Discussion of Kangxi and the Formation and Circulation of the Standard for Imperial Plaques in the Early Qing ( Abstract )

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