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Research Quarterly

Content and Abstract


Recent Content and Abstract
Volume32, Number4 (Summer, 2015)
Lai Hui-min Fees and Taxes in Kulun and Merchants in the Qing Dynasty ( Abstract)
Yu Kuo-ching A Study of the "Daoning Study" Seal ( Abstract)
Chiu Shih-hua Inside his Luggage: The Appreciation and the Collection of Painting and Calligraphy of Emperor Qianlong during his Southern Inspection Tours ( Abstract )
Chung Tzu-yin Reassessing the Qutan Hall in Qutan Monastery, Qinghai, Part Two: The Visual Evidence of Vajrāvali (rDo rje phreng ba) in Early-Ming Amdo ( Abstract)

Volume32, Number3 (Spring, 2015)
Chen Pao-chen The Southern Inspection Tours of the Kangxi and Qianlong Emperors and the Painting of Jiangnan Sites and the Imitation of Jiangnan Gardens ( Abstract)
Chi Jo-hsin Southern Craftsmen in the Workshops of the Imperial Household Department During the Middle to Late Qing Period (1821-1911) and Issues Related to Them ( Abstract)
Cheng Wing-cheong Lower Yellow River and Storehouse Circuit Expenses in the Yongzheng and Qianlong Reigns of the Qing Dynasty ( Abstract )
He Yan-chiuan Chen Huai's Painting and Calligraphy Collection and the Jiaqing Emperor's Third Edition of Midian Zhulin Shiqu Baoji ( Abstract)

Volume32, Number2 (Winter, 2014)
Yu Pei-chin Giuseppe Castiglione and Porcelains ( Abstract)
Ma Ya-chen The New Pictorial Canon of Imperial Gardens: The Production and Meaning of Kangxi Yuzhi Bishu shanzhuang shi (Imperial Poems on Mountain Estate for Escaping the Summer Heat) ( Abstract)
Yu Shu-Chun From Khanate to Empire: Establishing a Ritual System for Guests from the Later Jin to Early Qing Period ( Abstract )
Chen Wei-hsin The Negotiations on the Boundary of Parmir Mountains between China and Russia in Guangxu Reign ( Abstract)

Volume32, Number1 (Autumn, 2014)
Wang Yao-ting A Study of Shitao's Small Self-Portrait Planting a Pine: With a Discussion of His Self-Image ( Abstract)
Lu Hui-wen Kangli Naonao (1295-1345) and His Cursive Calligraphy: Reconsidering "Sinification" during the Mongol Yuan Period ( Abstract)
Lin Shih-hsuan The Qianlong Emperor and šun be jetere de hūlara nomun in the Tripitaka in Manchu ( Abstract )
Wu Sung-feng A Discussion of the "Fengju Modelbook" Origins Based on Wang Xizhi's Three Modelbooks: Ping'an, Heru, and Fengju ( Abstract)

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