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Escape the Heat of the Summer with Your Family by Joining the National Palace Museum in Visiting the New Waves of NPM: Changhua Traveling Exhibition
Release date:2013/06/19
Enjoy the magnificence of the artistic universe and extend your visual, audio, and tactile senses by visiting the National Palace Museum (NPM)’s interactive multimedia exhibition New Waves of NPM: Changhua Traveling Exhibition. The exhibition will be hosted during the summer holidays from Jul. 5 to Sep. 4 at the Chienkuo Technology University Collection Hall, Changhua. By combining “technology” with “aesthetics,” the exhibition explains the brilliance and stories of the NPM’s Chinese treasures that have endured for thousands of years.

The exhibition is divided into four areas comprising “Rhythms of the Calligraphy,” “Paintings Anime,” “Adventures in the NPM,” and “Blue and White and Colored Porcelain,” which showcase nine digital works. The “Rhythms of the Calligraphy” introduces the Mao-Kung Ting interactive installation, demonstrating the journey and evolution of Chinese characters. Visitors are also able to experience the pleasure of writing calligraphy live at the event. The “Paintings Anime” shows the 10 m long digital version of “Along the River during the Ch’ing-Ming Festival,” where the curating team makes an ingenious use of the exhibition space to present the paintings in detailed and lifelike manner. “Adventures in the NPM” broadcasts gold winner of the Boston Film Festival, the “Adventure in the NPM” film series. “Blue and White and Colored Porcelain” exhibits the complex and superb decorative patterns of the blue and white porcelains as well as the colorful, compact, and delicate Doucai. By providing a comparison between the two types of porcelains, the outstanding and unique styles of the porcelains are exemplified.

In addition, to cultivate cultural and creative education, the NPM has coordinated with the Department of Digital Media Design of the Chienkuo Technology University to promote two art pieces consisting the “double delight” and “augmented reality.” By allowing teachers and students to engage in creative thinking and designs based on historical artifacts, the exhibition provides the students an opportunity to stimulate their creative ideas and practical experience.

Come take advantage of the beautiful summer holiday and experience first hand with your family the birth of new technology, new knowledge, vibrant pictograms, lively painting animations, adventurous national treasure dolls, magnificent blue and white porcelains, and gorgeous Doucai, savoring the new taste of artistic exhibition.

Detailed information for the New Waves of NPM: Changhua Traveling Exhibition
Date and time: Jul. 5, 2013 to Sep. 4, 2013 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Location: Chienkuo Technology University Collection Hall (No.1, Jieshou N. Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County)
Price of admission: Free
Official website:

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The New Waves of NPM: Changhua Traveling Exhibition poster
The New Waves of NPM: Changhua Traveling Exhibition poster
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