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Preliminary Review for Optimal Proposer Released Concerning the National Palace Museum Southern Branch Museum Hotel and Cultural Experience Facilities BOT Project
Release date:2013/06/28
Pursuant to the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects’ selection operation, on June 20 of this year, the National Palace Museum (NPM) has invited domestic experts and scholars as well as NPM committee members to convene a review conference for a preliminary evaluation of the planning proposals tendered by private applicants. Under the premise involving the applicant’s commitment to adjust its development content to coordinate with NPM Southern Branch Museum’s overall image and to provide relevant facilities for public usage, the “British Virgin Islands Wanlihong Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch” has been selected as the optimal proposer for the NPM Southern Branch Museum hotel and cultural experience BOT project.

According to the NPM, the Southern Branch Museum is located in Taibao City, Chiayi. Although the entire base area measures 70 ha, the museum buildings occupy merely 20 ha, where the remaining 50 ha will be used for artificial lakes, landscape parks, residential areas, and Asian cultural experience zones. Due to the high regular maintenance costs of the museum area (which exceed beyond those covered by the public budget) and the accommodation facilities requiring specialized operational management, the recruitment of a professional management team will be necessary. To ensure sustainable operation and management of the Southern Branch Museum and to create the best results, the NPM has adopted the BOT method to select excellent vendors, combining the strength of the Museum with the private sector to build a museum encompassing profound Asian cultural qualities.

The NPM further advised that the current BOT Project will continue to comply with relevant provisions of the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. Based on the planning submitted for the preliminary review and the conditions required by the NPM, optimal proposer Wanlihong Co., Ltd. will be required to propose related documents such as land use plan, construction plan, business plan, and financial plan for the NPM to begin the second round review. Upon passing the review, according to relevant laws, the NPM will publicly solicit private investors and execute a final vendor selection, which will determine whether Wanlihong Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch will successfully undertake this project. The review involves a rigorous and complicated process. To prevent any delays in the scheduled test opening date of the NPM Southern Branch Museum by year end, 2015, the NPM indicates that it will accelerate the initiation of related operations. Not only will the NPM Southern Branch Museum evolve into a new international tourist attraction, BOT Project’s smooth operation will also enhance the employment opportunities for the Chiayi public, revitalize local commercial activities, promote the marketing of local agricultural products and special products, and combine and integrate the tourism and recreational resources to provide a learning platform for education, related exhibition, and performance space. It will increase the tax revenue for the Chiayi County Government, creating a win-win situation for the NPM, the Chiayi Government, private institutions, and the Chiayi public.

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