Yuan Dynastic Statutes of Government

Yuan Dynastic Statutes of Government
Anonymous, Yuan Dynasty (1260-1368)
Imprint of 1320-1322 (Yuan Dynasty)
13.4 x 20.3 cm

Without an established set of statutes in the Yuan dynasty, all legal decisions were made based on the precedents of government decrees. In order for local governments to carry out their bureaucratic functions, they would record these decrees and organize them for reference. The result is a book of government statues for the Yuan dynasty.

This book covers material ranging in date from 1260 to 1320. It includes mostly the original contents of the articles without editing. Since they were not included in the official history of the Yuan dynasty, this book is a particularly important source of information. The book, including an addendum up to the year 1322, has 2391 articles covering a wide range of topics, ranging from government administration to tax and fiscal matters as well as legal matters to marriage and inheritance. Since the contents represent the complete transcription of the original article of decree, this book is crucial for studying Yuan law and society.

The section here explains the choice of the name "Great Yuan" for the dynasty as based on the hexagram in the Book of Changes that means the source of all under heaven.