Three-hole Knife
  Three-hole Knife
Ch'i-chia Culture (ca. 2200-1800 B.C.)
Length: 57.5 cm, width: 10.2 cm, blade width: 2.4 cm, thickness: 0.81 cm

@@Carved from dark green jade, both ends here reveal even darker diagonal green sections. Horizontal banding also appears. Asymmetrical in shape, the blade of this knife is slightly concave and was ground to a fine edge; the blade line is quite evident. Near the spine of the knife, three holes with straight walls were drilled from one side. The narrower end of the knife to the right also has a curved notch along the spine.


Traditional studies on chang blades in "Illustrated Study of Ancient Jades"
@@...mention that there were different opinions regarding its terminology. This type of multi-holed jade blade was sometimes referred to as a chang blade and at other times as a hu tablet.