Film Summary

※Hot news: "Adventures in the NPM"-- The winner of the prize "Animation of the Year", TAF 2008 and the prize "Coup de Coeur", AVICOM.

To demonstrate the results of digitization at the National Palace Museum (NPM), computer animation technology has been used to personify treasures in the NPM collection as its “superstars”, in the hope of bridging the gap between modern audiences and ancient artworks.  In collaboration with Digimax Corporation, NPM has produced a 3D animated film short entitled “National Treasure Superstars”, which will premier to audiences on April 13, 2007 on the B1 level of the Main Building at the NPM.

The artworks at the NPM offer many stories that can be told, and to make this a reality, the NPM has teamed up with some of the top names in entertainment production industry, including Gérard Pirès (director of the 1998 world blockbuster French comedy Taxi), Tom Sito (Hollywood director of animations), and Digimax Corporation, renowned for its dazzling 3D animation technology. Using the latest computer animation techniques, breakthroughs have been made in traditional filming methods, the result being a fantastic 3D animated film short on museum art sure to please and inform audiences. The “stars” of the film include personified animations of such NPM “national treasures” as “Ceramic child pillow”, “Jade pi-hsieh evil-averting beast”, and “Jade duck”. They take part in the exciting story of their search for a katydid that has flown away from another of the NPM’s treasures, “Jadeite cabbage”.

Adventures In The NPM

In addition to the NPM’s “Jadeite cabbage” which is familiar to many audiences, the animated short also features the “Ceramic child pillow” that intersperses the story with charm and spirit. Characters based on or from other treasures in the NPM collection, such as “Jade duck”, “Jade pi-hsieh evil-averting beast”, “Children playing” and “A palace concert”, also make appearances here, taking audiences on the harrowing journey of the collection in the past. The filming of this 3D animated short took more than a year to complete, with “National Treasure Superstars” running for a total of 13 minutes, presenting not only the refinement and importance of the NPM collection, but also demonstrating the digital contents of its collection and using a humorous animated presentation to leave a strong impression on audiences.