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Title: Anime Screening Room

A4 Exhibition Building

Featured films include "Journeying from Past to Present: A Life of Refined Tastes," "Adventures in the NPM," and "Adventures in NPM: Meet the Painting and Calligraphy Masters." The viewers are led through the museum by lively animated characters and will be able to learn about the National Palace Museum's artifacts!

  Journeying from Past to Present: A Life of Refined Tastes || Length: 13 minutes  

In this animated film, the characters lead the audience through a journey within old paintings. Innovative multimedia interpretations of the NPM's paintings and calligraphies introduce the charms of ancient life: ''Four Literati Arts (piano, chess, books, paintings'' and ''Four Literati Daily Arts (tea, incense, paintings, flower arrangements),'' bring visitors to experience the commonality between ancient and modern day life, while also displaying Taiwan's continuous promotion of Chinese cultures and arts.

  Journeying from Past to Present: A Life of Refined Tastes  
  Adventures in the NPM (Animated Film) || Length: 13 minutes  

This 3D animated film uses the cultural artifacts of the NPM to create an exciting and suspenseful storyline. Viewers are brought on an adventure through the national treasures, including the child pillow, bi xie, jade duck, etc., as the narrator tells a story of three individuals who search for the katydids that flew away from the Jadeite Cabbage. The film also brings us back to the thrilling year when the artifacts were brought from northern China to southern China. Filmed with a humorous animation technique, the viewers will leave with a lasting memory of the Museum.

  Adventures in the NPM (Animated Film)  
  Adventures in NPM: Meet the Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces || Length: 5 minutes 40 seconds.  

''Adventures in NPM: Meet the Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces'' intersperses a child pillow, bi xie, and jade ducks in search for the shadow of a little white pony. Introducing three famous paintings and calligraphy, ''Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (Wu-yung Version),'' ''Poem in Seven-character Verse,'' and ''One Hundred Horses'' with a realistic animation technique, this film is entertaining while educational, depicting the characteristics of Eastern and Western paintings.

  Adventures in NPM: Meet the Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces  



A5 Movie Theater

This hall presents the short animation film "Maze of National Palace" and "Centennial NPM: Modern Times." Exploring the wonders of China's antiquities through animation and high-definition video, the viewers can uncover the mystery of the National Palace Museum.

  Maze of National Treasures || Length: 13 minutes  

The main character, Idea, visits the National Palace Museum and magically follows the katydids that escaped from the Jadeite Cabbage. He enters the "Maze of National Palace Museum," where he meets Grandpa Qianlong. Together, they join forces to find the lost katydids and resolve the troubles encountered along the way. Successfully finding the lost katydids, Idea and Grandpa Qianlong return them back to the Jadeite Cabbage and the film returns back to the spatial setting of the National Palace Museum. Combining the etiquettes related to ancient and modern antiquities, this film conveys the importance of cherishing artifacts and provides an intimate view of the treasures. This film can be said to be one of the best introductory educational activities prior to visiting the museum.

  Maze of National Treasures  
  Centennial NPM: Modern Times || Length: 12 minutes  

The National Palace Museum traces its founding back to 1925, with a collection of objects dating back 8,000 years and all the way up to the present age. With more than 680,000 objects, the wealth of its collection makes the NPM a world-famous bastion of Chinese art and culture. This video introduces new and innovative facets as well as developments in the collection, research, exhibition, education, conservation, and entertainment at the National Palace Museum. It narrates how this treasure house of Chinese art and culture has reached beyond traditional forms and limitations to provide the museum and its collection of objects with new life and value. The video, totaling twelve minutes in length, uses high-resolution imagery to present the beauty of the NPM's objects. With the professional and creative means to innovate, Chinese culture can be brought to the whole world.

  Centennial NPM: Modern Times