A Spray of Yun-tang Bamboo
Wu Chen (1280-1354), Yuan dynasty
Hanging scroll, ink on paper, 106.2 x 32.7 cm

 A Spray of Yun-tang Bamboo        Wu Chen, a native of Chia-hsing in Chekiang Province, was gifted at poetry, prose, painting, and calligraphy. In painting landscapes, he followed the style of Chu-jan (fl. latter half of 10th c.) and in monochrome ink bamboo that of Wen T'ung (1018-1079).

        ?Yun-tang??in the title of this work refers to a name of bamboo, as indicated by the artist in his inscription when mentioning ?The valley of Yun-tang has aged mist and fog?? Yun-tang Valley is located in Yang-hsien, Shensi Province. Filled with bamboo, the famous Sung dynasty bamboo painter Wen T'ung built his Pavilion of Draped Clouds there. In this rendering of only two bamboo stalks, the composition is abbreviated and provides a glimpse of the richness of this bamboo. Done completely in rich ink, the brushwork is strong and the ink full for a radiant effect.