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:::[ceramic] [Black pottery jar in the shape as a cocoon]| [White-glazed pillow in the shape of a recumbent child]| [Celadon secret-color water container]| [Bowl with incised peony design in yellowish-green glaze]| [Bowl with impressed chrysanthemum design in yellowish-green glaze]| [Mei-ping vase with incised lotus pattern in white glaze]| [Bowl with incised waterfowl and lotus pond ]| [Bowl in the shape of a lotus with light bluish-green glaze]| [Mallet-shaped vase in light bluish-green glaze]| [Hibiscus-shaped washer with light bluish-green glaze]| [Tsun vessel with light bluish-green glaze]| [Dish with hibiscus rim in crackled glaze]| [Celadon bowl with lotus petal décor]| [Celadon censer in the form of a li tripod Lung-ch'üan ware ]| [Box with chrysanthemum petal décor]| [Cha-tou planter with azure glaze]| [Bowl with greenish-blue glaze and reddish-purple splashes ]| [Flask with dragon decoration in underglaze blue]| [Monk's cap jug with copper red glaze]| [Stem cup with flower-and-bird motif in tou-ts'ai enamels]| [Cup with grape vine in tou-ts'ai enamels]| [Vase with Indian lotus flower decoration and Arabic-characters in underglaze blue ]| [Red-glazed jar with yellow dragon décor]| [Garlic-head vase with birds and flowers in wu-ts’ai enamels]| [Vase with auspicious animals in underglaze red]| [Vase decorated with a landscape in underglaze blue]| [Mei-p'ing vase with dragon design in underglaze red]| [Ewer with chrysanthemum petal design in underglaze blue]| [Bowl with decor of birds and flowers]| [Bowl in light-greenish glaze with impressed fish]| [Purple-ground box with bird-and-flower]| [Fen-ts'ai vase with wrapped bundle design and Indian lotus motif | :::[Jades] Jade dish with openwork dragon design]| [Jade belt ornament with goose décor]| [Jade vase in the shape of a horned fish]| [Jadeite cabbage with insects]| [Banded jasper resembling a slab of meat]| [Half-gourd-shaped jade cap| :::[Ivory & Carving] Carved ivory screen with decor of land-scape and figures]| [Openwork carved ivory brush-holder with décor of figures]| [Carved ivory boat with figures (with rabbit-shaped jade box)]| [Set of concentric ivory balls with human figures in openwork relief]| [Ivory nine-story pagoda]| [Olive stone with poem Ode to the red cliff'' carved on the bottom| :::[Curio Boxes] Curio box containing ten bronzes and an illustrated catalogue album]| [Square treasure box containing 30 items, carved tzu-t'an wood]|