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NPM Visiting and Management Regulations of the Chang Dai-ch’'ien Memorial Residence, the National Palace Museum

Online application for visit to the Chang Dai-ch'ien Residence (Tour is provided in Chinese only)
Online application status check(in Chinese)
In order to promote the accomplishments of the contemporary master –- Chang Dai-ch'ien– in cultural arts and also to research & and preserve the cultural properties, the National Palace Museum (hereinafter referred to as "NPM") partially opened limited the Chang Dai-ch'ien Memorial Residence (hereinafter referred to as "CDCMCDCR") to all visitors. To The following regulations have been made to facilitate managements.
Numbero. of visitors allowed per visit/dayfor application: The principle isA maximum of 15 and 60 visitors are allowed per visit and per day, respectively.
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday : 9:00:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 3:00 – 12:00pm, 2:00pm – 5:00pm Visiting hour The duration for each timeof each visit is 40 minutes limited long.
The CDCR is closed on Monday, andall national holidays, and the day of Chang Da-ch'ien’s passing (April 2) are closed.
For special applications for research, education, or other special requirementrequest purposes, it the visiting time can be rearranged can be booked visiting hour specially after approval from theed by NPM.
Application pProcedure:
Groups or individuals who intendedplan to visit, you ca may apply one week in advance via the NPM’s online application system. They are required to provide basic information such as the n fax the application remarked visiting date, numbero. of visitors, and contact person.contactor to our Education & Exhibition Department of NPM 7 days in advance to apply and call them to get a confirmation.
The application will be reviewed by the NPM's Department of Education, Exhibition, and Information ServicesEducation & Exhibition Department will examine the application, contact the applicator or contactor of group directly and made telephone record after scheduled visiting time. Applicants are required to check online three days prior to the visit to verify whether the application has been approved. If so, they are required to print out the confirmation letter and present it when visiting the CDCR.
Groups or individuals who wish to wants to cancel their reservation or change their visiting date, they should notify theadvise NPM two3 days beforeprior to the scheduled visiting date.
Groups or individuals who cannot visit as scheduled due to If there are unavoidable poor weather conditions (e.g., natural disasters) and can not visit as schedule, you can are to contact with the NPM to and re-schedule the visiting date.
Due to the limited size of the CDCR, to maintain its furnishings, no visits are allowed without an application.
Notices for visiting the CDCRCDCM:
To maintain a clean environment, no smoking, food, drinks, betel nuts, and chewing gums are allowed. Visitors are also prohibited from making loud noises, picking plants or flowers, playing with animals in the CDCR, and littering.
To maintain exhibit and visiting quality, Visitor visitors has must beto be led by our NPM’s tour guide and visit follow as per guided routes to maintain exhibits and visiting quality well.
Visitor can notare prohibited from bringing pets, broadcasting, and bringing sport equipment and or any contraband intounauthorized items into this the CDCRresidence.
The NPM holds the right to terminate or cancel the visit for visitors who fail to comply with the aforementioned rules even after warningIf visitor doesn't follow above rules and won't listen, we could stop or cancel visiting. .
The CDCRCDCM is located in the Shuangsi Shuangxi communityCommunity. In order t To show respect the to community control rules and keep ensure a peaceful community tranquilityenvironment, no vehicles can are drive inallowed in the CDCR.
Visits to the CDCRCDCM can may be suspended any visiting at times of if special needs there is any temporary demand, such as NPM performing its maintaining maintenance operations surroundings inside or conducting hosting its ownits activities. It An will be announcement will be announced on the NPM’s official website in advance and groups or individuals who have booked their visit are expected to be notified three days in advance.d on web-site of NPM and we will advise scheduled visitors (no matter Group or individual) to change schedule 3 days ago.