The stage of blue sky and white cloud

Left: Long, flat-lying stone blocks call to the horizontal lines of the overhanging eaves. Right: Crouching shadows of the stone group thrown by the night lighting add to the mysticism.

NPM (National Palace Museum) set a new art which is the first work of public art ("Inertia / Exertion"), stone sculpture section, on the terrace of the second floor of the main building. Visitors can walk to the outdoor garden from Ting-yun Café on the second floor to appreciate the art. The restful yellow wall matches with the gray piled stones, the long flat stones echoes with the transverse lines of tiered eaves under the high wall of palace building. The whole stone sculpture does not disturb the surroundings, merge with the form of architecture landscape and display the multistyles of stone.

Left: Admiring the depth and completeness of the full work from individual pieces to assembly of the stone medium.   Right: Peculiarities of the stone texture can be seen upon closer examination.

This public art is made by famous stone sculptor from Japan - Izumi Masatoshi. As the artwork kept the nature temperament of stone, set them artfully and the stone sculpture with multiple faces and smooth, it is changing with time and weather - dawn, day and night, sunny, rainy or overcast, the veins, light & shadow on the stones also reveal different prospect. The lamps in lawn illuminated on those stones at night and made them with abyss shadow and also made the nature texture and chipped notches of stone more tridimensional.

Left: ''Inertia / Exertion'' adds a breath of fresh air to the National Palace Museum.  Right: Reshaping the 2nd Floor Terrace of the Museum's Main Building.

("Inertia / Exertion"), stone sculpture section, ornamented fresh natural taste for the prime Alhambresque buildings of NPM and made this area as a stage of cloud, wind, blue sky and star.