Listening to the sounds of stone

"Inertia / Exertion" light and shadows in the night.

Name: Inertia / Exertion
Material: Metamorphic Rock (originating in Taiwan); Granite (originating in Japan, Sweden and Africa)
Size: Length - 250 ~ 2000cm, Width - 40 ~ 80cm, Height - 20 ~ 50cm

Top left: The expressions of the stones shown in their different textures also change with the movements of light and shadows. Bottom left: The stone medium and outdoor terrace display the beauty of interacting layers.  Right: Inertia / Exertion; under blue sky and white cloud.

This artwork is set at west & east side, there are 6 sets of flagstone on each side and piled up interlaced. The artwork on this esplanade is made by stone sculptor - Izumi Masatoshi. He designed the stones to match with the landscape plants and shaped it as a concept incomplete but also not a form completely. It seems finished but it also like will be finished. Mr. Izumi Masatoshi said: The stones knew completly but keep silence. He made a metaphor to the life of stones: Wind carved stone and those notches will go back to primary one day. We just glanced split second of them. The artwork synthesized visualization of nature and observation of social environment. "Wu-wei"( Inertia) refers to the Taoist notion of following nature, here represented by the stones, while "Wu-pu-wei"( Exertion) reflects the conscious hand of the artist and the static nature of the stones. The deep consciousness of action and non-action let people to think about the jade, curio stone and landscape painting in showroom again.