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Archival and Illustrated Materials on Taiwan Aborigines
Archival and Illustrated Materials on Taiwan Aborigines

Among the Ch'ing dynasty books and documents in the collection of the National Palace Museum is a wealth of material dealing with the history of Taiwan. Many of them deal with the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. For example, the memorials of such officials as the Governor-general of Fukien-Chekiang, the Taiwan Control Censor, and the Governor of Fukien and Taiwan often include matters related to Taiwan. They often include descriptions in detail on the geographic distribution, living conditions and environment, rites and customs, local products, clothing and food, education and religious beliefs, and conflicts and wars of the aborigines of Taiwan. In recognition of their relevance, a special display has been created for permanent display with works changed every three months.

On display in the first rotation is "Complete Provincial Map of Coasts and Passages". Although mainly dealing with the features of Taiwan's east and west coast as well as the distribution of islets as understood in the Tao-kuang era, the unique terrain of Taiwan's stretch of lofty Central Mountains and distribution of aborigines are also included in the painting (Figure 17).

Complete Provincial Map of Coasts and Passages
Enlargement Figure 17
Complete Provincial Map of Coasts and Passages
Handscroll version painted by Ch'en Mei, Tao-kung reign (1821-1850), Ch'ing Dynasty
31 x 773 cm (H x W)
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