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Artist Period Note Multimedia Resources
Activities of Peace and Joy Anonymous Ch'ing dynasty
Leaves 1, 7, 8, 10  
Activities of the Twelve Months
(1st Month)
Anonymous Ch'ing dynasty
Ch'ien-lung New Year's Tapestry (1) Anonymous Ch'ing dynasty
Tapestry-Embroidery of Nine
Goats Opening the New Year
Anonymous Ch'ing dynasty
Beautiful Scene for the New Year Ch'en Shu
Ch'ing dynasty
Children Playing Chin T'ing-piao
(fl. 1757-1767)
Ch'ing dynasty   e-Cards
New Year's Picture Chin T'ing-piao
(fl. 1757-1767)
Ch'ing dynasty    
Syzygy of the Sun, Moon,
and the Five Planets
Hsü Yang
(1712-after 1777)
Ch'ing dynasty    
New Year's City in Peace Ting Kuan-p'eng
(fl. ca. 1708-after 1770)
Ch'ing dynasty   e-Cards
Spring Planter of Vitality Tsou I-kuei (1686-1772) Ch'ing dynasty   e-Cards
Illustrating Kao-tsung's Verse in
Praise after the Chia-wu Snowfall
Tung Kao (1740-1818) Ch'ing dynasty    
Joyous Celebration at the New Year Yao Wen-han (1713-?) Ch'ing dynasty   e-Cards



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