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0 year

He was born on October, 5 in Hsin-chu, Taiwan.


3 months In January, his father went missing after an accident at sea.

1915, 16

3 years /4 years His mother remarried. The incident has a long term effect on his psychological development.


7 years

He dropped out from school after one and half years education.
He then worked at a snooker club and decided to go to Tokyo to become a professional player there.


15 years A Japanese Dentist took him to Tokyo, Japan.


16 years He worked at a snooker club through Mr. Akita's introduction.


19 years He was married with Ms. Lee Ai-yu. He returned to Taipei because of his wife's illness and established a snooker shop selling snooker materials.


22 years His first wife, Ms. Lee Ai-yu died.


26 years He was remarried with Ms. Nagashima. He renamed himself as Nita Munachi


27 years He returned to Taiwan. He taught officers in The Taiwanese Governor's Office playing snooker, as well as set up a business supplying goods for Japanese Naval Forces.


29 years He established a company, Nita Enterprise Limited, for shipping unapproved raw materials to Japan.


33 years

After the Second World War, he was not allowed to return to Taiwan as he was classified as Class B war criminal.

He opened a jewellery antique shop in Ginza, Tokyo, and established good connections with his fellow colleagues.


34 years – 38 years He closed down his antique business, and started running restaurants.


38 years

He first acquisition of Buddhist art.

He acquired a standing Buddha sculpture, Sui Dynasty, and a piece of Dunhuang Buddhist painting (designated as Important Cultural Property).

1952, 53

40 years /41 years

He was not allowed to go abroad for three years due to violation of financial regulations.

He decided to limit his collection solely on Buddhist images after this event.

43 years He bought a plot of land to construct a building for art exhibition.
44 years He acquired a piece of Degas' big painting and a piece of Renoir's painting,'A girl with a hat', in Paris.
48 years He acquired a piece of gilt bronze, Shakyamuni , Tai-ho 1st year, Northern Wei dynasty.
52 years He opened up international night clubs, coffee shops and Nita Gallery for the event of Tokyo Olympic 1964.
53 years He bought a standing Bodhisattva gilt bronze. In its inscription, it is said that the sculpture was donated by one Mr. Peng in the second year of Ta-yeh era of Sui Dynasty. The Sculpture has since been worshiped in the Peng family ancestry altar.
58 years He exchanged a piece of Korin hanging scroll and a piece of stone Buddhist sculpture with the Nezu Museum, Japan for three pieces of gilt bronze seated Buddha from Ming Dynasty.
58 years He acquired a wooden standing bodhisattva sculpture from Heian Period, Japan (designated as Important Cultural Property)
1971 59 years

He sold out business of night club, coffee shop and Nita Gallery.
He started up his property business and acquired properties in Harajuku and Ginza area.

68 years He acquired a seated Buddha Shakyamuni, Tai-ho era, Northern Wei dynasty after the second world war.
69 years He was rated the thirteen richest person in Japan by The Nikkei Newspaper.
75 years In October, a special exhibition of gilt bronze sculptures based on Mr. Peng's collection was launched in the National Palace Museum.
80 years He gave six major parts of his art collection to his three sons.
84 years He sold 32 pieces of gilt bronzes to the National Palace Museum.
85 years He sold two big Japanese wooden sculptures and one Buddhist painting to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan which are displayed in the newly built Heisei Hall (Heiseikan), The Tokyo National Museum.
86 years Nita Groups and MSIKARU Company in Osaka were merged.
91 years He donated seven pieces of gilt bronze sculptures to the Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA.
93 years

He donated 358 pieces of gilt bronze objects to the National Palace Museum. A special exhibition,"The Casting of Religion," was based on his donation and organized in the same year.

He also donated a piece of gilt bronze sculpture, Northern Wei dynasty and painting of Tun-huang, Tang dynasty (designated as Important Cultural Property, Japan) to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan.
2006 95 years

In September, he donated a piece of four-sided stele to the National Palace Museum.

He died on Nov 24. In his will, he again donated 48 pieces of gilt bronzes to the National Palace Museum.

2008   An exhibition 'Enduring Splendor – A special exhibition of Mr. Peng Kai-dong's bequest' was launched in honor of Mr. Peng lifelong contribution to Buddhist Art.
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