Restaurant Introduction

Xianjufu Café

Xianjufu Café

Xianjufu Café

Xianjufu Café
Located on the 1st Floor East Side of the Main Building (Exhibition I);
opening hours: Sun~Thu 09:00~18:00; Fri and Sat 09:00~21:00.
Offering various Western-style light meals and beverages,
Taiwanese light meals, snacks, and beverages.

Tel: +886-(2)-2883-2946
Fax: +886-(2)-2883-3506



Fuchunju Café

Fuchunju Café
Located on the 1st Floor of the NPM Library Building (Exhibition II);
opening hours: Mon~Sun 9:00~17:00.
Offering coffee and beverages, light combo meals, and microwavable meals.

Tel: +886-(2)-2883-2947
Fax: +886-(2)-2883-3507


Zhishan Café

Located to the left of the Zhishan Garden entrance;
opening hours: Mon~Sun 9:00~17:30.
Offering various light meals, bread, coffee and beverages, and specialty food.

Tel: +886-(2)-2883-4678


Museum Gift Shops

Offering NPM publications, reproductions, and fine souvenirs and memorabilia for sale. The NPM has several gift shops located in the B1, 1F and 2F levels of the Main Exhibit Building and 1F of the Library Building, providing convenient locations for visitors to make their purchases.

• 2F level of the Main Exhibit Building

• B1 level of the Main Exhibit Building

• 1F level of the Library Building

Tingyun (Book Store)

Exhibition Area I, offering NPM publications, gift.(with 2F terrace entrance).

1.Order Form or NPM eShop
2.Order Form(The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art)



Silks Palace at the NPM

Silks Palace at the NPM

Silks Palace at the NPM
Located inside the National Palace Museum (NPM), the Silks Palace Restaurant provides a full range of catering services, with dishes and tableware closely matching NPM artifacts. Its delicious dish flavors, unique, tradition-oriented service process and atmosphere combine to create a mesmerizing dining experience. Carefully planned by the FIH Regent Group, the diversified cuisine selections and various selectable price range offers international patrons and gourmet gourmands a taste of exquisite delicacies while enjoying the world of NPM artifacts. It presents an opportunity for Chinese food to showcase its appeal and continue enjoying its popularity.

hours of operation: 11:00 a.m. ~ 9:30 p.m.