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Copyrights & Cultural Creation

National Palace Museum Artifacts Images and Publication Licensing Instructions

If you need to use the images from the website of National Palace Museum (NPM in short) for academic research, educational purpose, publishing, media playing, commercial purpose, or displaying on websites other than the official webpage of NPM, and other purpose …etc., it is required to have the permission of NPM prior of usage. After acquiring the licensed images, it is mandatory to state the origin of the image or have the official sticker stating "The Collection of National Palace Museum ". If you have any further question about the licensing of artifacts images, please contact us at National Palace Museum, Department of Marketing and Licensing. 

  • Artifacts' Image Licensing:
    (886-2-2881-2021 #2105)
  • Or Email:



  1. What is security deposit? How to apply for the refund of security deposit?
    In order to make sure the applicant will follow the contracts, applicant needs to pay security deposit whilst signing the contract. When the contract expires without any violation to the agreed terms, National Palace Museum will return the security deposit interest-free.
    After the publication is finished, the applicant is required to send two copied of which to National Palace Museum to check if the applicant follows the agreed terms.
  2. What are the difference between commercial usage and non-commercial usage?
    Non-commercial usage means the applicant apply the images for academic research, essay publishing, and other educational purpose.
    It should be noted that non-commercial products should not solely be based on the fact that it is not for sale. The difference between commercial and non-commercial usage is that the later is educational and academic.


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Last Updated:2021-08-04