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Famous Paintings Donated and Entrusted to the National Palace Museum

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Although the National Palace Museum is renowned throughout the world for its unparalleled collection of Chinese art and objects in both quantity and quality, the Museum still makes every effort to acquire highly prized works. Collection expansion, in addition to a budget for the purchase of works, also includes the acceptance of donations and entrustments that meet the needs of the Museum to encourage the participation of everybody in sharing the glory of cultural heritage.

Since the National Palace Museum was built in Taipei in 1965, many generous individuals and groups have donated and entrusted their artworks to the Museum. In recent years, a special exhibition gallery has been reserved at the Museum specifically to present these treasures to the public. However, limitations to the display of painting and calligraphy as well as exhibit space make it impossible to display them all. Consequently, they are rotated on a regular basis so that all may study and appreciate these cultural resources. A great museum collection is not built in a day, so it is the hope of the National Palace Museum that everybody will take part in creating an even better collection for the future.