Do you remember the last time you visited the National Palace Museum? Or is it your first time to visit the Museum?

We all know that the National Palace Museum is filled with many masterpieces of Chinese art and culture that go back thousands of years, and we? love to visit often, but sometimes we just don? have time in our busy schedules to make a special trip out to the suburbs of Taipei to see these wonderful treasures.

To satisfy your desire for "beauty" in art and your curiosity about "history" in life, the National Palace Museum has spared no effort for you in digitizing the artworks in its collection.

We sincerely hope that art-lovers such as you can appreciate the aesthetics of life in Cultural Creativity through such digital projects at the Museum as "Digital Archives", "Digital Museum", "e-Learning", and "U Museum". So, even if you can? visit the exhibition galleries in person to absorb the aesthetic and cultural essence of these artworks, you can still be surrounded by national treasures and enjoy the dazzling trends of a digital life!

With this is mind, let? now look at the "digital palace" that the National Palace Museum has created for you!