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Theme Sites

With multimedia interactive technology, this section brings treasures from the NPM collection to you using websites offering thematic introductions. These thematic websites all provide a full array of visual and textual materials on artworks as well as various functions for appreciating them. This is done so in the hope of creating a multiple learning environment that will yield greater study and research benefits as well as reach the goal of digitized educational and promotional efforts.

Treasured Painting and Calligraphy
"Treasured Painting and Calligraphy" takes the most important of the 70 "restricted" masterpieces of painting and calligraphy in the National Palace Museum collection as its core. They hold a very important place in the field of Chinese art history, but their viewing in any form is severely restricted to preserve them for posterity. This website uses different levels of comprehension and a sequential approach to make them easier to understand and appreciate. Hopefully, it will also lead users to admire Chinese art in general and learn about the rich heritage and cultural significance behind these individual works of art.(2000)
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