National Palace Museum

Painting Animation:Activities of the Twelve Months

  • Dates: 2016-12-27~2017-03-30
  • Gallery: (Northern Branch) Exhibition Area I 102

Since 2011, the National Palace Museum initiated a series of six high-resolution long scroll painting animations. Using the latest technology, four high-resolution 1080 HD projectors seamlessly unfold sceneries from classical long scroll paintings on the wall. The painting animation series reproduced six popular paintings, including Along the River During Qingming (Qing court artists), Spring Morning in the Han Palace (Qiu Ying), Imitating Zhao Bosu's Latter Ode on the Red Cliff (Wen Zhengming), Syzygy of the Sun, Moon, and Five Planets (Xu Yang), Departure Herald (Anonymous), Return Clearing (Anonymous) and Activities of the Twelve Months (Qing court artists). Inspired by historical material related to the artworks, the six animations faithfully present the true spirit of the original paintings and their most attractive parts. A fascinating feature of the long scroll painting is its ability to simultaneously manifest chronological continuity and segmentation. As a result of the unique painting scale and traditional right to left reading direction, painting compositions unfurl accordingly and emphasize horizontal relationships. Oftentimes, scenes occurring at different points in time were depicted on a single scroll.

Painting Animation:Activities of the Twelve MonthsPainting Animation:Activities of the Twelve MonthsPainting Animation:Activities of the Twelve Months