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"Elegant Gathering: Investigating Huang Tingjian's Trip to the Hall of Pines and Wind as well as the Elegant Gathering of a Mongolian Princess,&q
"Special Exhibition Elegant Gathering of the Princess: The Culture of Appreciating and Collecting Art at the Mongol Yuan Court," by Chen Yun
"The View of Nature in Chinese Art: A Special Exhibition on Selected National Palace Museum Artifacts that have Won the Tang Prize," organiz
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"Interpreting History and Curating Exhibitions: Examining Lord Jiaqing and the Journey to Taiwan: A Special Exhibition on Cultural Artifacts of t
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (July 2016): "Temple of Traditional Aesthetics"  Lin,Jeng-Yi"From Generation to Gener
"Curating the Imperial Taste: Elaborate Works of the National Palace Museum Special Exhibition," by Fung, Ming-chu"Works of Emperors: E
"TERRACOTTA: The Rise and Legacy of Qin Culture Special Exhibition" by Cai Qing-liang"The Relationship between Qin Culture and Xirong C
"Bustling and Wonderful Sceneries: A Special Exhibition of Paintings on "Up the River During Qingming" in the Museum Collection,"
"A Brief Introduction to Special Exhibition The Forbidden City and the Odyssey of Its Treasure: A Photographic Retrospective," byCheng Wing-
Tags:Digitization   2016   
Volume33, Number4 (Summer, 2016) Cheng, Wen-chien Beyond Drunkenness: Song Paintings of Drunken Monk ( Abstrac
Tags:Digitization   Volume 33   
"Grand Opening: The Opening of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch," organized by Lou Chung-yen and Hsieh Jyun-ke; edited and proofre
"Construction of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch," by Fung Ming-chu"Imprints of Buddhas: Buddhist Art in the National Palace
Tags:Digitization   2016   
"Copperplate and Historical Records: The Making of 'Victory in the Pacification of Dzungars and Muslims,'" by Zhou Wei-qiang"Lost Artwo
"Beyond Images and Forms: Relationships between Traditional Chinese Paintings and Paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione," by Ho, Chuan-Hsing&quo
"Paintings Masterfully Created, Lasting for an Eternity: Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the National Palace Museum," by Fung, Ming-Chu&
"Masterpieces between Different Eras: Comparisons between the Styles and Implications of Two Song and Yuan Dynasty Paintings," by Richard Ba
"Understanding the Sources of Creativity of Printmakers from the Past and Present by Examining Special Exhibition The Printmaker's Ingenuity and
"Fan Kuan's 'Travelers Among Mountains and Streams,' a Success Story," by Ho Chuan-hsing"Studying the Exemplar of Heritage: Fan Kuan an
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