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"Paintings Masterfully Created, Lasting for an Eternity: Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the National Palace Museum," by Fung, Ming-Chu&
"Masterpieces between Different Eras: Comparisons between the Styles and Implications of Two Song and Yuan Dynasty Paintings," by Richard Ba
"Understanding the Sources of Creativity of Printmakers from the Past and Present by Examining Special Exhibition The Printmaker's Ingenuity and
"Fan Kuan's 'Travelers Among Mountains and Streams,' a Success Story," by Ho Chuan-hsing"Studying the Exemplar of Heritage: Fan Kuan an
"The Splendor of Ethnic Costumes and Accessories from Guizhou," by Tsai Cheng-Hao"The Map of Niupijing in the Collection of the Nationa
"The Romance of Calligraphy Writing," by Chen Jie-jin"Craftsmanship of the Metal Inlay and Decorations Found in Devices Used to Hold Qi
"Reflections of the Emperor: The Collection and Culture of Mirrors at the Qing Court," by Wu Hsiao-yun"Utopia in Mirrors: Mirror Cases
"Ivory Craftsmen in the Qing Dynasty Imperial Court and the Craft of Guangdong Ivory Carvings—As Observed in the Lives of Chen Zuzhang and
Tags:Digitization   2015   
"Welcoming the Advent of 2015: the Cultural Significance Behind the Sheep Totem Worship," by Zhuang Ji-fa"The Kangxi Emperor and Lambs,
"My Thoughts on the Four Great Masters of the Ming Dynasty," by Fung Ming-chu"The Tusu Wine: The Emperor's First Drink of the Chinese N
Tags:Digitization   2015   
"Foreword to the Hidden Talent–Chen Cheng-po Exhibition," by Fung Ming-chu"Hiding One's Talent: Ink Wash Painting-like Qualities
"Enchanting Splendors of Vases and Planters: A Special Exhibition of Flower Vessels from the Ming and Qing Dynasties," by Chen Yuh-shiow&quo
Tags:Digitization   2014   
Volume32, Number4 (Summer, 2015) Lai Hui-min Fees and Taxes in Kulun and Merchants in the Qing Dynasty ( Abstr
Tags:Digitization   Volume 32   
"A Get Together among Museums: Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Exhibitions between Three Museums across the Strait," by Fung Ming-chu"
"Safeguarding the Vessels of Ancestors—Introducing the A Garland of Treasures: Masterpieces of Precious Crafts in the Museum Collection Spe
Tags:Digitization   2014   
"A Painter and a Poet: Tang Yin's Landscape Painting and Poetry," by Lina Lin"Deducing Emotions from Poetry: the Life of Tang Bohu,&quo
Tags:Digitization   2014   
"Planning and Curating The Bibliophile Yang Shoujing and His Guanhaitang Library of Rare Editions and Antiquarian Books Special Exhibition,"
Tags:Digitization   2014   
"Critical Decisions Made Concerning the Display of National Palace Museum's Treasured Masterpieces in Japan," by Fung Ming-Chu"The Esse
"Creating New Looks by Drawing on the Wisdoms from the Past and Present: Wen Zhengming's 'Old Trees by a Cold Waterfall,'" by Tung Wene"
Tags:Digitization   2014   
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