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Present/Former Leaders

Present Director and Deputy Directors

Present Director – Fung, Ming-Chu 

Present Director – Lin,Jeng-Yi
Educational Background
Ph.D.Program,Department of Fine Arts,National Taiwan Normal University (2005/09 -)
M.A.,School of Culture Resources, Taipei National University of the Arts (2003)

Incumbent Political Deputy Director – Li Jing-hui Incumbent Political Deputy Director – Lee Ching-Hwi
Educational Background
Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management, Taipei National University of the Arts (2012)
Bachelor's Degree, Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University (1987)


Previous Directors (prior to 1949) 

Palace Museum

Li, Yü-ying

I, P'ei-chi Ma, Heng
Li, Yü-ying (1881-1973)
First appointed Director-General
I, P'ei-chi (1880-1937)
October 1925 to October 1933
Ma, Heng (1881-1955)
October 1933 to August 1949

National Central Museum Preparatory Office

Fu, Ssu-nien

Li, Chi  
Fu, Ssu-nien (1896-1950)
Director, 1933-1934
Li, Chi (1896-1979)
Director, 1934-1949

Previous Directors (after movement of the collection to Taiwan)

In 1949, the Joint Managerial Office of the National Central Museum and National Central Library was established→In 1955, the Joint Managerial Office of the National Palace Museum and National Central Museum was established.
Hang, Li-wu K'ung, Te-ch'eng Ho, Lien-k'uei
Hang, Li-wu
September 1949 to June 1956
K'ung, Te-ch'eng
July 1956 to April 1964
Ho, Lien-k'uei
May 1964 to August 1965

1965 – National Palace Museum
Chiang, Fu-ts'ung Ch'in, Hsiao-yi Tu, Cheng-sheng
Chiang, Fu-ts'ung
September 1965 to January 1983
Ch'in, Hsiao-yi
January 1983 to May 2000
Tu, Cheng-sheng
May 2000 to May 2004
Shih, Shou-chien  Lin, Mun-lee  Chou Kung-shin
Shih, Shou-chien
(1951- )
May 2004 to January 2006
Lin, Mun-lee
(1954- )
January 2006 to May 2008
Chou, Kung-shin
(1947- )
May 2008 to July 2012
Fung, Ming-Chu    
Fung, Ming-Chu
(1950- )
Sept. 2012 to May 2016


The Museum's Managerial Committee was convened in 1965
Changed in 1991 to the Advisory Committee
Changed in 2014 to the Committee

Wang, Yün-wu

Yen, Chia-kan Hsieh, Tung-min

Wang, Yün-wu
Chairman, 1965-1979

Yen, Chia-kan
Chairman and Convener, 1980-1991

Hsieh, Tung-min
Convener, 1991-1997

Li, Yüan-tsu

Li, Yüan-che  Barry Lam
Li, Yüan-tsu
Chairman, 1998-2000
Li, Yüan-che
Chairman and Convener, 2000-2008
Barry Lam
Member and Convener,



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