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Research Quarterly

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Recent Content and Abstract
Volume34, Number2 (Winter, 2016)
Zhan, Zhenpeng Coating with Vermillion for Luxurious Ornament: Early Ming (1368-1435) Official Carved Red Lacquerware and Related Symbolic Meanings ( Abstract)
Hsu, Kuang-Tai Chasing Wang Yingming’s Li Ti Lue : On Two Japanese Rare Copies Printed in 1646 ( Abstract)
Shen, YuHui The Formation and Accumulation of Joseon's Overseas Knowledge: Focusing on the Map of Joseon, Japan and Ryukyu in Yuditu ( Abstract )
Lin, Huan-Shen New Approach in Court Painting in Qianlong Period- Case Study of Ding Guan-Pong ( Abstract)

Volume34, Number1 (Autumn, 2016)
Wu, Hsiao-yun Stags, Tigers and Ibexes in the Mountains: The Origins and Transmission of Steppe Patterns Seen on Chariots Found at Majiayuan in Zhangjiachuan, Gansu( Abstract)
Wang, Ching-ling New Discoveries of the General Portraits and Related Works in the Berlin Collection ( Abstract)
Ch'en, Kuo-tung Indian Cotton Goods in 16th-17th-Century China( Abstract )
Shih, Ching-fei From the Hands of Spirits, Conveying the Quality of Immortals: Ivory "Immortal Works" from the Qianlong Court ( Abstract)

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