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Research Quarterly

Content and Abstract


Recent Content and Abstract
Volume33, Number4 (Summer, 2016)
Cheng, Wen-chien Beyond Drunkenness: Song Paintings of Drunken Monk ( Abstract)
Wu, Sung-feng The Evolution of Qianlong's Jade Albums ( Abstract)
Zeng, Yao-min The Official Construction and Management of Chinese Buddhist Temples in Beijing during the Qianlong Period: Focus on the North Road of the West and the Northwest ( Abstract )
Chen, Wei-hsin Negotiations on Boundary Map and Affairs of Tarbagatai during the late Qing Period ( Abstract)

Volume33, Number3 (Spring, 2016)
Teng, Shu-ping An Investigation of Central Asian Jades in History ( Abstract)
Wu, Chin-fang Cure of Wound: Changes in the Treatment of Tetanus in Traditional Chinese Medicine Books ( Abstract)
Xue, Longchun Instruments, Materials and Wang Duo's Calligraphy ( Abstract )
Cheng, Wing-cheong Topographical Changes and River Construction Projects in the Qingkou Area During the Qianlong Era: A Study on Illustrations of River Management in the National Palace Museum Collection ( Abstract)

Volume33, Number2 (Winter, 2015)
Chou, Feng-wu A New Interpretation of the Inscription on Huding ( Abstract)
Yu, Pei-chin Underglaze-Blue Stem Coups of the Yuan Dynasty Excavated in Inner Mongolia and Related Issues ( Abstract)
I, Lo-fen Person in the Painting: Commemorative Portraits of Korean Emissaries to Beijing from the 15th to 19th Centuries ( Abstract )
Lin, Li-chiang A Study on the Late Ming Woodblock Printing of Admonitions in A mirror for the Emperor, Illustrated and Explained ( Abstract)
Cheng, Wing-cheong A Century of Change: A Study on the Compilation of General Gazetteer of Shengjing and Its Contents ( Abstract)
Hsu, Yuan-ting A Harmonious Match of Painting and Calligraphy: The Qianglong Emperor and the Production of The Illustrated Book of Poetry from the Imperial Brush ( Abstract)

Volume33, Number1 (Autumn, 2015)
Fung Ming-chu Meeting the Challenge: The National Palace Museum's Transformation Over the Past Thirty Years ( Abstract)
Jessica Rawson Steppe Weapons in Ancient China and the Role of Hand-to-hand Combat(in English) ( Abstract)
Huang Tsui-mei Function and Origins: A Study of the Turquoise-Inlaid Bronze Plaques with Animal Decoration from the Erlitou Culture ( Abstract )
Hsing I-tien Leaning to Write on a Table: Further Discussion on Writing Postures in Ancient China ( Abstract)
Lin Sheng-chih The Culture of Decoration During the Pingcheng Period of the Northern Wei Dynasty; A Discussion Arising from a Bronze Hu in the Collection of the National Palace Museum ( Abstract)
Teng Shu-ping A Study of Two Jade Cups of International Contention ( Abstract)
Zhou Weiqiang A New Investigation into the Battles of Shenyang and Liaoyang ( Abstract)
Wang Yao-ting The Painting and People Behind Fang Shishu's "In Imitation of Dong Yuan's 'Mist and Fog in Summer Mountains'" ( Abstract)
He Yan-chiun Chengxin Tang Paper and the Qianlong Emperor: With a Discussion of His Connoisseurship of Ancient Paper ( Abstract)
Ch'en Kuo-tung An Abstinent Imperial Uncle, Prince Yunxi (1711-1758) ( Abstract)
Bai Qianshen A Preliminary Study About the Antiquities Market and Collecting Activities of Officials in the Late Qing Dynasty ( Abstract)

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