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Royal Style: Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry
Royal Style: Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: TSAI,Mei-Fen
  • ISBN: 978-957-562-647-1
  • Price: NT$900
  • Binding: softcover


In this edition of NPM books we will present the Royal Style: Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry Special Exhibition. This exhibition is an event that uncovers jewelries used in the Qing imperial palace as well as those in the Western royal families. The event compares and contrasts the two different styles of jewelry and continues by telling the stories behind these jewelries and their associations with the people that wore them. The exhibition begins by examining the royal styles of the Qing imperial court and the Western royal family, and continues by highlighting their influence on future fashion development. The connections between the two worlds complement each other and deliver a clear message throughout the exhibition. The exhibition concludes with the meeting of East and West in fictional reality, where we see huge sparks spawned from their encounters. For this exhibition, the NPM has requested the help from the Shenyang Palace Museum and the Cartier Collection, borrowing many of the famed jewelry pieces for exhibition. It is a fun opportunity for readers to see the jewelries having their place in their respective culture, and readers will surely enjoy the beauty they bring to the table.

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