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Collaborating for the first time, the National Palace Museum and the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government present together the ''Tainan – National Palace Museum: Painting Animation'' exhibition.  Held in the culturally rooted Soulangh cultural Park (formerly known as Jiali Sugar Factory), this exhibition combines the beauty within ancient paintings with multimedia technology. Cleverly utilizing interactive works and video creations, ''Tainan – National Palace Museum: Painting Animation'' attracts the younger generations, letting them take a closer look at the beauty of the NPM.

The exhibition is divided into 4 sections: Multimedia interactive works, Reproduction paintings, Anime screening room, and Parent-child discovery zone. The entertaining multimedia works include: a touch-sensitive interactive table to admire ancient calligraphy and paintings, interpretations of Western Zhou inscriptions, an interactive floor inspired by a Tang Palace Ladies painting  to take you through different time zones, digital works with changing seasonal scenery, and more –reproductions of paintings in the National Palace Museum's collections are on display together.  The anime screening room features three films produced by the National Palace Museum: ''Journeying from Past to Present: A Life of Refined Tastes,'' ''Adventures in the NPM,'' and ''Adventures in NPM: Meet the Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces.''

With the rich and diverse content of this exhibition, we hope to increase the interactive learning experiences of children, student groups, parents, and teachers, allowing them to appreciate paintings and calligraphy through digital interactive media.