Stone sculptor - Izumi Masatoshi

Left: The stone sculptor Izumi Masatoshi.  Right: The sculptor Izumi masatoshi at work.

He was born at a stone sculptor family of Munecho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1938. They made traditional stone sculpture as a business and passed on from generation to generation. Kagawa Prefecture is rich in high-grade Granite, common name is Aziish (庵治石あじいし). It's a important production place of stone sculpture in Japan, main products are handicrafts, such as stone lamp, pagoda for Japanese court or tombstone and so on. Mr. Izumi got to know an international famous Japanese -American contemporary artist - Isamu Noguchi (野口勇) through many people to started his stone sculpture career and even became sculptural partner of Mr. Isamu Noguchi. His famous artworks, such as Black Sun, so far, it is collected in Art Museum, Seattle, USA. Inertia / Exertion of NPM (National Palace Museum) is newest good artwork of Mr. Izumi.