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Preface 1

The museum has established "Future Museum" exhibition section at Taoyuan International Airport, which is such of pioneering mode of exhibition among each of the major domestic museums and fine arts museums. It has broken loose of existing exhibition domain of contemporary arts as artworks are displayed at airport with international vision. 

Under the trend of globalized culture, art itself has already exceeded the domain of time and space, and has become a common language of communication. As for artworks of contemporary arts, they can more precisely and suitably demonstrate such cultural features of identical space and time on Earth. At the same time, since airport is the spot where people come and go, the venue itself is given with highly internationality as well as global nature. Thus, the integration of such unique administration zones to exhibit contemporary arts should definitely bring along with the most anticipated explosive power people long for.

There have been already many museums worldwide that have put on exhibitions that integrate would new media technologies or new media arts, and hold relevant arts festivals. However, the National Palace Museum should be considered as the very pioneer that puts on exhibition initiated by museum itself to integrate new media art, and the museum has created such unique exhibition upon the integration of digitalized pictures of the museum with new media art.

We are looking forward that this exhibition can help cultural diplomacy so that out-bound international visitors can, once again, experience the beauty of Chinese relics integrated with contemporary arts as well as demonstrate the achievements of digitalization of the museum. In contrast to previous exhibition venue and content, we do hope that out-bound visitors can receive brand new experience and feelings.

Now, let's enjoy this brand new exhibition that integrates National Palace Museum with new media art.

Preface 2

The Future Museum, located inside the Taiwan Taoyaun International Airport, is an National Palace Museum project initiated by experienced exhibition specialist Lin Chi-Ming, also an associate professor of art faculty in National Taipei University of Education, and a team of contemporary artists: Chu Chia-hua, Lin Tay-jou, Yuan Goang-ming, Mei Dean-e, Chen Chih-cheng, and Huang Hsin-chien. Through advanced technologies, the team add able to feature NPM 's classics with a contemporary vision, adding eternal values to the cultural artifacts, all thanks to this merge of Chinese art and technological advancement.

Situated in Wai Shuan Si area in Taipei, NPM has the world's most excellent Chinese artifact collection. Whether you have had an opportunity to visit us during your stay in Taiwan, we sincerely invite you to visit the Future Museum, where you may recall your journey and find our efforts in maintaining and promoting this cherished heritage.   We look forward to your future visits, and wish you to join us in our journey of treasuring the great past and sensing the eternity that lies beyond.

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