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Survey NPM masterpieces and fully enjoy Chinese art "NPM InSight App"

"NPM InSight" is the latest app by the National Palace Museum following it's "Discover NPM" app. You may browse collections of ceramics, jades, bronzes, curios, paintings, calligraphy, rare books and document on your smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices. NPM InSight is available in both iOS and Android version while offering Chinese, English, and Japanese interfaces.
◎ Timeline: An overview of the NPM's important cultural objects covering thousands of years.
◎ Permanent Exhibitions: Provides exhibit information, including introductions, locations, QR code navigation, pictures of and texts about cultural objects.
◎ Museum Tours: Enjoy visit routes that are prearranged or in which you pick and choose what you want to see to better enjoy cultural objects.
◎ Interactive Games: Interactive games (Video Puzzle and Treasure Hunt AR) to further enrich your experience.
◎ More Info: The latest information, such as "About NPM", "Hours & Admission", "Floor Plans", "About the App" and "Other Apps".


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Taiwan's First Artifact Interactive App "Discover NPM"

Taiwan's first-ever smart phone app with artifact interactive features, "Discover NPM", has been officially launched. It has both Chinese and English interfaces, and users can download the Android app online at Google play. The iOS version of the app is also expected to hit the shelves in mid-January. The micro-movie, "a trip to the present", which was exclusively produced for this app, has also been released; assuming the role of the Han Dynasty court painter Mao Yan-Shou, actor Chin Shih-Chieh will guide the audience on a journey of fun experiences in artifact-playing with their hands.


iOS version (New window)
Android version (New window)

Link to the micro-movie "a trip to the present": (New window)

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