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Civil Service Ethics Office

1.Agency Against Corruption (AAC), Ministry of Justice

2.Laws and Regulations

3.Government employee ethics units are in charge of the following matters pursuant to Article 4 of the Act of the Establishment of the Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers:

  • Publicity of public integrity and social participation.
  • Preparation, promotion and execution of laws concerning public integrity and precautions.
  • Preparation, coordination and promotion of the suggestions on public integrity reform.
  • Affairs in relation to civil servants’assets declaration, recusal of interest conflicts and integrity and ethics.
  • Handling of matters concerning corruption and illegitimacies on the part of the office.
  • Complete a check of affairs carrying risks of corruption.
  • Handling and coordination of protection of official confidential information of the office.
  • Handling and coordination of security maintenance of the office.
  • Other matters concerning government employee ethics.


Report corruption to the Civil Service Ethics Office:
Telephone: +886-02-2882-9554
Fax: +886-02-2883-1323
Mailbox: No.11, Lixing St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11143, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Anti-corruption hotline opens 24 hrs: +886-0800-286-586

Last Updated:2022-12-15