National Palace Museum

2017 National Palace Museum wins seven international awards at the 50th WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival


Founded in 1968, the WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival is the oldest film festival in North America and the largest independent film festival in the world. It is an important wellspring for the film and television industry and creative organizations. The National Palace Museum this year was honored with seven awards, two platinum, two gold, a silver, and two bronze Remi Awards, once again receiving recognition for its outstanding digital achievements in the international arena.

Reaching Rural Taiwan records the National Palace Museum's education outreach efforts in year 2016. The outreach team traveled from the depths of Qalang Smangus in Hsinchu county, past the mountains to Hualien and Taidong, and beyond the ocean to Orchid Island, using digital technology to spread the beauty of the NPM collection into the far corners of Taiwan. The documentary vividly presents how collection-based innovative applications successfully create connections between the museum, Taiwan, Asia, and the world. This time, the reception of the highest honor in the Ethnic/Cultural category greatly affirms the National Palace Museum's educational outreach mission.

NPM Painting and Calligraphy 4G New Media Art Exhibition, held in the summer of 2016 at The Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park, won the highest Platinum Remi Award in the interactive children's education category. The highlight of this exhibition is the world's first calligraphy immersion virtual reality application, The Spirit of Autobiography, which won the Gold Remi Award in the high-definition/new technology category. Its two companion pieces, Traveling Through Brush and Ink short film and animation film, won the Gold and Bronze Remi Awards in the film/video art and animation categories, respectively. Finally, the National Palace Museum's 2016 reconstruction of the Age of the Great Khan website won the Silver Remi in the websites category and Adventures in the NPM: Formosa Odyssey 3D expanded version won the Bronze Remi in the computer animation category.

The 50th WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival took place from April 21 to April 30, 2017. More than 4,300 entries, coming from 74 countries, were submitted, making it a highly competitive year. For more information, see


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