National Palace Museum

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How do I open files in ODF format (e.g., odt and ods)?

The files may be opened using ODF open software LibreOffice.

To download LibreOffice, please click on the following URL: (New window)

Note: Windows users may open files in ODF format using MS Office 2007 or above. However, errors will occur for some symbols and calculation formulas.

Where can I view NPM image ads and film shorts?

To view the NPM’s promotional videos, click on the Youtube link under the mobile video section to be connected to the NPM’s Youtube channel.

Does the NPM offer any educational multimedia films concerning artifacts in the official website to let the public browse and learn?

The National Palace Museum (NPM) iPalace Channel offers a variety of educational videos for online browsing and learning. To access it, please visit the NPM official website, click on the subheading Learning and then NPM iPalace Channel.