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Latest exhibition changes

Total: 12 Results
Release date Title
2017/04/24 Graced by Nature: A Special Exhibition of Yu Yu-jen's Calligraphy (Dates: 2017/06/01~2017/08/28)
2017/04/17 Pleasingly Pure and Lustrous: Porcelains from the Yongle Reign (1403-1424) of the Ming Dynasty (Dates: 2017/05/18~ )
2017/04/14 Rebuilding the Tong-an Ship New Media Art Exhibition—Penghu Tour (Dates: 2017/04/27~2017/06/30)
2017/03/20 (Northern Branch)"Precious as the Morning Star: 12th-14th Century Celadons in the Qing Court Collection" in the Gallery 203 will be closed from Apr. 19, 2017 to May 17, 2017 due to end of exhibition and renovation. We apologize for any inconvenience.
2017/03/16 Musée d'Orsay: The Aesthetic Worlds of the 19th Century (Dates: 2017/04/08~2017/07/24)
2017/03/02 Painting Animation:The Cold Food Observance (Dates: 2017/03/31~2017/06/29)
2017/02/20 Splendid Accessories of Nomadic Peoples: Mongolian, Muslim, and Tibetan Artifacts of the Qing Dynasty from the Museum Collection (Dates: 2017/03/31~2018/08/20)
2017/02/17 Oversized Hanging Scrolls and Handscrolls (Dates: 2017/04/01~2017/06/25)
2017/02/15 Traveling with Art: Painting and Calligraphy Accompanying the Qianlong Emperor's Southern Tours (Dates: 2017/04/01~2017/06/25)
2017/02/08 The Ancient Art of Writing: Selections from the History of Chinese Calligraphy (Dates: 2017/04/01~2017/06/25)
2016/10/03 A Gathering of Treasures in the National Palace Museum North and South (Dates: 2016/10/07~ )  Exhibition Changes
2016/05/17 Exhibition Schedule for the Jadeite Cabbage with Insects and the Meat-shaped Stone at the National Palace Museum Northern and Southern Branches
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