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Latest exhibition changes

Total: 13 Results
Release date Title
2016/11/18 Great Fortune for the Year of the Rooster: A Special Exhibition of Chicken Paintings from the Museum Collection (Dates: 2017/01/01~2017/03/25)
2016/11/16 The Ancient Art of Writing: Selections from the History of Chinese Calligraphy (Dates: 2017/01/01~2017/03/25)
2016/11/09 Expressions of Humor in Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (Dates: 2017/01/01~2017/03/25)
2016/11/03 The Green Borderlands: Treaties and Maps that Defined the Qing’s Southwest Boundaries (Dates: 2016/12/10~2017/06/18)
2016/10/25 The Art and Aesthetics of Form: Selections from the History of Chinese Painting (Dates: 2017/01/01~2017/03/25)
2016/10/03 A Gathering of Treasures in the National Palace Museum North and South (Dates: 2016/10/07~ )  Exhibition Changes
2016/09/19 The Ancient Art of Writing: Selections from the History of Chinese Calligraphy (Dates: 2016/10/01~2016/12/30)
2016/09/19 Famous Painting in the Spotlight: Wu Zhen's "Manual of Ink Bamboo" (Dates: 2016/10/01~2016/12/25)
2016/09/19 Painting Anime 'Imitating Zhao Bosu's Illustration of the Latter Red Cliff' (Dates: 2016/09/27~2016/12/26)
2016/09/19 Elegant Gathering of the Princess: The Culture of Appreciating and Collecting Art at the Mongol Yuan Court (Dates: 2016/10/06~2016/12/26)
2016/09/13 Viewing Nature in Chinese Art: A Special Exhibit of Select Artifacts from the Museum Collection to Celebrate the 2016 Tang Prize (Dates: 2016/09/22~2016/12/22)
2016/09/12 NPM in Taiwan: Innovating Art with Technology Special Exhibition (Dates: 2016/09/18~ )
2016/05/17 Exhibition Schedule for the Jadeite Cabbage with Insects and the Meat-shaped Stone at the National Palace Museum Northern and Southern Branches
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