National Palace Museum

:::List of Categories in the Collection

A Statistical Tabulation of Numbers and Types in the Collection

The objects in the Museum's collection are great in both number and variety. They can be further divided into:

Bronzes: 6,225
Paintings: 6,566
Ceramics: 25,555
Calligraphic works: 3,672
Jades: 13,478
Calligraphic model books: 490
Lacquer wares: 766
Tapestries and embroideries: 308
Enamel wares: 2,520
Fans: 1,880
Carvings: 663
Rubbings: 896
Studio implements: 2,379
Rare books: 211,211
Coins: 6,953
Qing archival documents: 386,863
Miscellaneous objects: 12,979
Documents in Manchu, Mongolian,
and Tibetan: 11,501
Textiles: 1,571

The category of miscellaneous objects includes objects such as religious implements, costumes and accessories, and snuff bottles. Thus, as of June 2017, the entire collection is composed of 696,476 objects.