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Chronology of Events


  • Special exhibitions of early Ming Dynasty porcelains, the painting of Pu Hsin-yu stele rubbings and the paintings of Cheng Man-Ching were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • The "Illustrated Catalog of Ancient Jade Artifacts in the National Palace Museum" was published.


  • Chin Hsiao-Yi took over as Director of the Museum until his retirement in 2000.
  • The Chang Dai-chien Memorial Residence was opened for public visit (by appointment).
  • Began to organize the annual exhibition of "Treasured Paintings and Calligraphic Works."
  • Special exhibitions of Hindustan jade objects, dragon-motif porcelains and grain vessels of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • Permanent exhibitions of Qing Dynasty curio cabinets and jade artifacts were launched.
  • Cooperated with the Commercial Press of Taiwan to publish the Wen-Yuan Pavilion edition of the "Complete Collection of the Four Treasuries". The "National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art", the "National Palace Museum Research Quarterly" and the "5,000 Years of Chinese Art" series began publication.


  • The third phase of the Museum's expansion was completed.
  • The summer art seminar program was launched.
  • A special exhibition of paintings on the theme of the odes to the Red Cliff was held.
  • The permanent exhibition on the relationship between Chinese and world cultures was staged.


  • The construction of the Zhishan Garden was completed.
  • Special exhibitions of bronze mirrors, Ming dynasty porcelains of the Jiajing and Wanli Periods, and works of the four master calligraphers of the Song were held.
  • Permanent exhibitions of bronze vessels of Shang, Zhou and Han Dynasties, porcelains through the ages, furniture from the residence of the Qing Dynasty Prince Kung, Ming and Qing enamel wares, Qing costume accessories and Ming and Qing carvings and lacquer wares were organized.
  • A loan exhibition from the Academia Sinica of Shang oracle bones and the Shang royal tomb #1001 from Houjiazhuang Village was staged.


  • Special exhibitions of famous cursive calligraphic pieces, insect paintings, ritual bronze vessels & musical instruments, Qing porcelains during the reigns of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, ruled-line paintings, and bronze seals were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.


  • Regulations governing the organization of the Museum were promulgated and enacted, and the Museum was officially put under the jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan.
  • Special exhibitions of spring landscapes, ink aesthetics in landscape painting, Song Ting ware and Chinese gardens on paper and silk were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • A special loan exhibition of gold-plated Buddhist bronzes, entitled "The Crucible of Compassion" was staged.


  • The film "The Birth of Chinese Characters", produced by the Museum, won the award for special achievement at the 1988 "International Multimedia Film Exhibition".
  • Special exhibitions of paintings on women, the poetry of Tao Yuanming as the painter's muse, paintings of rare birds, winter landscapes, bronze wine vessels and Song Dynasty Kuan wares were organized, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • A loan exhibition of gold and silver ornaments from Southeast Asia was held.


  • A comprehensive inventory check of the Museum's collection was began.
  • The Museum began to train local volunteers and to host the children's "Activity and Creativity" classes.
  • Special exhibitions of famous ink stones of the Lanqianshan Museum Collection, snuff bottles, works of Qiu Ying and autumn landscapes were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • The permanent exhibition of ancient pottery was staged.
  • A "Catalogue Raisonne of the Collection of Painting and Calligraphy in the National Palace Museum" and "The Complete Collection of the Four Treasuries Collated" began publication.


  • Special exhibitions of paintings of children at play, arhats, and plum blossoms were staged, and catalogues were simultaneously published.


  • The inventory check of the Museum's collection was completed.
  • The Museum's Advisory Committee was convened by the Executive Yuan.
  • The "International Colloquium on Chinese Art History" was held.
  • The Museum was invited to participate in the exposition "Circa 1492: Art in the Age of Exploration", organized by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  • Special exhibitions of summer landscapes and Qing's enameled porcelains were held, and catalogues were simultaneously published.
  • A loan exhibition of the watercolors of Lan Yin-Ting was staged.
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