National Palace Museum

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Adults Audio Guide

File Name Audio Number Gallery Download
History of the NPM 109   Download
Introduction to the Museum architecture 110   Download
Arts from the Qing Imperial Collection Introduction 106 106 Download
The Magic of Kneaded Clay A History of Chinese Ceramics Introduction 208 201, 205, 207 Download
Uncanny Ingenuity and Celestial Feats The Carvings of Ming and Qing Dynasties Introduction 304 304 Download
Rituals Cast in Brilliance Chinese Bronzes Through the Ages Introduction 300 305, 307 Download
Art in Quest of Heaven & Truth Chinese Jades through the Ages Introduction 306 306, 308 Download


Kids Audio Guide

File Name Audio Number Download
Introduction to the National Palace Museum 171 Download
Introduction to painting and calligraphy 067 Download