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The National Palace Museum Receives the 2013 U.S. MUSE Silver Award
Release date:2013/05/28
In 2013, the National Palace Museum (NPM) submitted its large interactive installation “Travelling in the Universe” to the U.S. MUSE Awards competition and honourably won the 2013 U.S. MUSE silver award for games and augmented reality.

The U.S. MUSE Awards is a highly celebrated event for international museums. It is hosted by the Media and Technology Committee of the American Association of Museums. Every year, digital multimedia works from museums all across the world are submitted for the competition. This year, the MUSE Awards competition was held in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. The great success that the NPM enjoyed in this overseas competition displays the attention and recognition that it has received from museums around the world concerning its art creation through integration of cultural assets and technology.

The winning entry “Travelling in the Universe” is a large multisensory interactive floor theater that combines visual, auditory, and tactile senses. It converts the “Kunyu Quantu” (World Map) produced by Belgian missionary and artist Ferdinand Verbiest’s from the Qing Dynasty to an interactive theater and gaming installation. Using an animation theater, the device reproduces the concept of world geography, the latest concept at the time, that Ferdinand Verbiest had introduced to Emperor Kangxi. In addition, it utilizes a 360ºC panoramic projection to display the vastness of the universe as well as the stars. Moreover, by waving their hands, the museum visitors will be able to create the twelve constellations; by touching the image of the ancient odd beast, the modern day look of the animals will emerge to facilitate a comparison. A section of the theater also allows the change of sceneries through voice activation and the most popular section, the hunting of the odd beast, lets children use their limbs by stepping on the ring of lights to capture the odd beast. This interactive installation which employs the projection on the floor and walls reinterprets the “Kunyu Quantu.” Through animation and panoramic scenery projections, it invites museum visitors to personally interact with the art piece. It enables the learning of Eastern and Western culture, the development of a worldview, and a fun and amazing experience.

The winning entry:
Silver award: “Travelling in the Universe

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The “Travelling in the Universe” odd beast hunt section
The “Travelling in the Universe” odd beast hunt section
The “Travelling in the Universe” stars theater
The “Travelling in the Universe” stars theater
2013 U.S. MUSE silver award
2013 U.S. MUSE silver award
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