National Palace Museum

NPM Outdoor Public Art--''Interia/Exertion''

  • Dates: Permanent Exhibit
  • Gallery: (Northern Branch) Exhibition Area I Main building, 2nd floor terrace
This is the first work of public art at the National Palace Museum (NPM). The artist is Izumi Masatoshi, a famous stone sculpture from Japan. He is renowned for his use of natural textures of stone. Among his latest works is the present one, an installation of stones known in Chinese as "Wu-wei / Wu-pu-wei", and can be translated as "Interia/Exertion". This installation of large stone sculptures is on view on the terrace of the second floor of the NPM main building. The work synthesizes Izumi's experiences of the natural surroundings outside of the NPM with his observations of artworks on display inside the building, interpreting a sense of their life within the stone. "Wu-wei" refers to the Taoist notion of following nature, here represented by the stones, while "Wu-pu-wei" reflects the conscious hand of the artist and the static nature of the stones. In rain or shine, the outlines of the sculptures and the veins of the stones reveal different patterns depending on the weather. For more information and a detailed introduction to this installation, see the article in Chinese entitled "Ling-t'ing shih-t'ou te sheng-yin (Listening to the Sounds of Stone)" in the May 2007 issue of Ku-kung wen-wu (The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art).
NPM Outdoor Public Art--''Interia/Exertion''NPM Outdoor Public Art--''Interia/Exertion''NPM Outdoor Public Art--''Interia/Exertion''