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The Bell and Cauldron Inscriptions(in Chinese)
The Bell and Cauldron Inscriptions (in Chinese)
  • Author: You, Guo-Qing
  • ISBN: 957-562631-1
  • Price: NT$350
  • Binding: softcover


This book will explore two of the inscribed bronze ware, namely the Mao Gong Ding (the Cauldron) and Zong Zhou Zhong (the Bell of Fu), by introducing the different types and design of these bronze ware and their connections with the ancient Chinese music and rituals. Readers will also learn of the fascinating stories behind the two art pieces as well as studying the various close-up photos taken by photo experts. By examining these pictures readers will only be able to see the magnificent size and shape of the Cauldron and Bell of Fu but will also be able to study the intricate details of their inscriptions.

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