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DVD: 'Re-Viewing' Chinese Characters
DVD: 'Re-Viewing' Chinese Characters


This DVD introduces three interactive videos on the topic of Chinese characters and Chinese calligraphy, which are Colossal yet Playful: Birth, Development and Grace of Chinese Calligraphy", "Engravings & Inscriptions: Inscriptions and the Yi Device", and "Mao Gong Ding (The Cauldron): Hundred Examples of Chinese Character Development". The three short videos highlight the depth of Chinese characters in terms of its diversity as well as its cultural implications. The second topic, Chinese calligraphy, is shown to possess beauty and rhythm. Through these animations the NPM wishes to provoke the interest of younger generations in tracing back to their root and exploring the depth of Chinese writing.

Published by: National Palace Museum
GPN: 4510100498

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