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Looking Back on Old Paintings and Calligraphies Today
Looking Back on Old Paintings and Calligraphies Today (in Chinese)
  • Author: Wang, Yao-t'ing
  • ISBN: 978-957-562-641-9
  • Price: NT$700
  • Binding: softcover


This issue of NPM Monthly Periodical brings together articles submitted for The NPM Monthly of Chinese Art written by NPM's own museum staff. With the help from the author articles are reorganized, condensed, and listed in the order of relevance before being released as a personal publication. This book introduces the fascinating characteristics of paintings and calligraphies through the author's brilliant use of words and unique observations. The writer also encourages its readers to personally experience the beauty of art. The vast amount of information and elegant flow of words will provide readers an opportunity to savor and enjoy these traditional paintings.

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