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Hua Yan's
Hua Yan's "Album of Sketches from Life" (in Chinese)
  • Author: LIU Fang-Ju
  • ISBN: 978-957-562-648-8
  • Price: NT$300
  • Binding: softcover


This book edition was published for the “Famous Painting in the Spotlight: Hua Yan's "Album of Sketches from Life" Special Exhibition, and included selected masterpieces from the Museum’s Lanqian Shanguan collection. Hua Yan (1682-1756) was a brilliant all-around artist in the mid-Qing Dynasty who was known for his creativity. Originally born in Shanghang, Fujian, he later took residence in Hangzhou and Yangzhou. Hua Yan was not an artist who was hard on the pen; imprints in his literatures and paintings were soft and graceful, and possessed rich and diverse themes; the images were witty and funny, and lived up to their praise as art masterpieces.

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