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Lifting Bodies and Spirits
Lifting Bodies and Spirits (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Hou Yili
  • ISBN: 978-957-562-649-5
  • Price: NT$600
  • Binding: softcover


Lifting Bodies and Spirits was published in support of the Lifting the Spirit and Body: The Art and Culture of Snuff Bottles Special Exhibition. There are approximately a thousand snuff bottles in the NPM's collection. The majority of these snuff bottles had been inscribed with reign titles, indicating that they were works produced under the instructions of the imperial palace, and it signified the Qing court's high regards for them. The current exhibition does not merely showcase the collection of snuff bottles that existed in the NPM, as the Museum also reorganized the Qing Court's collection to demonstrate the interesting crafts that were observed in the western snuff boxes and snuff bottles. Furthermore, the comparisons between Chinese replicas and feedbacks on the Western art pieces will illustrate the different layers of phenomenon induced by the spread of civilization.

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