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Elegant Pursuits of the Literati:
Elegant Pursuits of the Literati: "The Eighteen Scholars" by an Anonymous Ming Artist (in Chinese)
  • Author: LIN, Lina
  • ISBN: 957-562651-8
  • Price: NT$300
  • Binding: softcover


It was said that Emperor Taizong commanded imperial artist Yan Liben to paint the "The Eighteen Scholars" to showcase his virtue in respecting men of learning. Later artists would often take delight in citing from this record to create their own interpretation of this subject. The set of four paintings for "The Eighteen Scholars" reflect a painting format that evolves from this theme. In the painting, scholars engage in zither, go, calligraphy, and painting, demonstrating the artistic cultivation and lofty aspiration for the "four arts of the scholar". This set of "The Eighteen Scholars" reflects the refinement and artistry found in the materialistic society of the period, making it the best illustration of Ming Dynasty's aesthetic concept on "appreciation of elegant pastimes".
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